Our volunteers are a very special breed of folks!  They care deeply about our clients and have a strong desire to let them experience the very love of God as we wrap our hearts and arms around each person in need.  Our volunteer base is growing as we continue to expand the service we offer.  We could not do any of the essential tasks that currently happen at The 403 Center if we did not have the support of a small army of volunteers!  As you can imagine, coodinating this many folks is no small task.  Soon you will be able to download the Volunteer Application here so you can fill it out ahead of time.  However, they are available at the Center upon request.  To get an application simply drop by the Center one day when it is open or call (615) 860-6001 during that same time period.  Of course you can also send your email request to .  Once paperwork is complete our Volunteer Coordinator will work you into a schedule that allows you to serve in areas that match your skills and desire for service.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
In an attempt to ensure that every job is filled and that every volunteer feels valued and fulfilled, we have some suggestions about how our volunteer staff should interact.  These are still a work in progress and we welcome feedback and comments on them from anyone, anytime!

  • Please keep your appointments. If you have been scheduled to cover a position you are essential to the successful operation of The 403 Center on that day.  If your situation changes, please give as much advanced notice as possible and call the Volunteer Coordinator so that someone can be contacted to fill your position.
  • Please coordinate times you are available with the Volunteer Coordinator. While we do have much more room here in our new facility than we did when we were located on Webster Street, our space is not unlimited!  If every volunteer were to show up on a given day there would be no room for those who are coming to shop in our Thrift Shop and we would have a hard time servicing our clients.  Our purpose for "being" is to touch the lives of folks who come through the doors.  We don't want to get in the way by having too many volunteers in the Center.  So, if you find yourself available at a time when you are not scheduled, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to see if there might be some tasks that you could work on somewhere in the building where you would not get in the way of the services being rendered to clients.  If we do not have any such work available please limit the time you are at The 403 Center.
  • Please park behind the building, leaving the side parking for patrons and clients.
  • Please log both your arrival and departure times so that we have some record of who is working and what churches they are from.